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Wave Report 2010: The Socialisation of Brands

Some pretty good takeouts from this report from Universal McCann, easy to absorb:

Wave 5 the socialisation of brands - report
View more presentations from Thorsten Linz.

R U OK? Day October 7th

Once in a while, projects come up that are really fulfilling. Not only in a professional sense, but also because it’s work that really matters. This year, I’ve been lucky enough to be the Online and Social Media Manager for R U OK? Day.

The premise is simple. It’s about getting in touch and connecting with [...]

Pepsi Refresh Project

“Pepsi is giving away millions in grants each month to fund great ideas”

In an amazingly bold move, Pepsi have opted out of their long-standing advertising relationship with Superbowl and have chosen to launch a social media campaign instead.

The Pepsi Refresh Project will launch January 2010 and asks users for ideas on how to “refresh” [...]

The Social Media Revolution

Fat Boy Slim and some sharp graphics work make this video a very watchable addition to the school of thought that Social Media is a revolution in communications.

There are some questionable statistics here but many others which I know are true.
In any case, I don’t think there’s room for nay-sayers anymore. Enjoy

Sponsor my opinion

On Twitter, my friend tells me how much he loves his Canon digital camera; on Facebook, another friend creates a group entitled “I love the Hungry Jack’s Whopper”; another creates a blog post entirely about their new Dell netbook.

Daily, we take for granted this chatter amongst our social networks. We expect that they are the [...]

Defying Dunbar’s number

We’ve all been told that Facebook “friends” aren’t real; being part of a celebrity’s network on MySpace doesn’t mean you can invite them over for dinner; dozens of the Twitter followers you have probably know hardly anything about you, and yet on a daily basis many of us spend a fair amount of time finding [...]

Anti-social media

The inaugural Social Media Club Sydney meet up is due to be held 27th April 2009. It promises to be one of the more exciting new events this year, with a great attendance list of industry members.

But before the event has even begun, it has been marred by a very public spat amongst its members, [...]

What is your real age?

My Facebook news feed has been spammed over the last few weeks with people finding out what their “real/true” age should be according to an app developed by Quiz Monster. According to the app, I’m supposed to be “14 years old”. I thought it would be interesting to track the most used applications since this [...]

Who is(n’t) on Twitter?

Big brands, industry professionals, celebrities with compulsive behaviours and even the government use Twitter now. CNN, MTV, M&Ms, Dell, Starbucks, Arnie Governator (who is my follower :)) are some of these.

Classifying, organising and finding all these users have now become a task on its own. There are many different applications which help you organise your [...]

Social Media Marketing Industry Report

I like this report because it wasn’t another “how-to” which I encountered during past research. It’s based on facts and industry figures. A good read for any business who wants to be involved in social media. The report includes:

- Top 10 social media questions people want answered

- Benefits of social media marketing

- Commonly used social [...]

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