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Opportunity: As part of ongoing innovation and improvements the Sydney Opera House undertook major renovations which lasted up to 6 months around its front concourse and surrounding area. The iconic building needed a way to minimize the negative effect this would have on visitors and also inform visitors about the need for the project

Activity: A Facebook led campaign, called “Housemates” invited Sydney Opera House fans to declare their love and celebration of the building by uploading their Facebook photo to a central hub. These photos would in turn be printed in the surrounding scaffolding and construction barriers on the way to the SOH, engaging visitors to look for their photos and their friends’ photos, peppered among helpful information on the renovation. This also provided a Facebook recruitment drive, increasing fans and engagement for the period

Result: No loss of foot traffic MoM for the period, over 1.2 "housemates" recruited with a peak campaign reach of 2 million
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